I have this theory that being stuck in the past is a very adult thing to do. When we live our days in disguised normalcy, while we still pine for that moment lost, or regret our current normal in comparison with our so called “best years,” it’s a sign that we are full fledged adults. Children are good at moving on. There is too much in the world to experience, too much to live for; being stuck in something irrevocable makes no logical sense. Yet, we do it.

When there is love and pain involved in the past or present, there I’ve seen people being stuck in the has-been. I’m one of those senseless idiots being human. The human mind is a weird machine indeed. Despite being conscious of it, despite being aware enough to actively change the present, it so easily defaults into the same irresponsible thought patterns that it’s not even funny. But, I digress.

I ask myself: so what can be done here? I have no answer, alteast nothing fool proof.

I’ve indulged myself in myriad explorations and experiences. I’ve changes cities before I felt familiar with any of them. I’ve kept my distance from places holding memories like undeletable hard disks. They helped. But, not a 100%

The journey continues, nonetheless.

Until next time,