I’ve issued a challenge to myself - write a post each week. It will be published every Friday at or before 5 pm IST.

I’ve always wanted to write, yet I’ve not written much, not much at all. Why? Laziness. Procrastination. The silent rebellion against anything structured or organized. The unacknowledged fear of failure. The discomfort of being productive when I could be wasting time on YouTube, Netflix, Mangas, Anime, and myriad other time-wasters. Each of them on their own is a trivial barrier. Together they form a wide river with turbulent waters.

Now! Now, it’s time for a change. I cannot be wasting time daily doing the same things and yet wishing for a change. That is utterly foolish, and I have been a fool for many moons. It’s time for the sun now.

This post is a start, the first step to a long marathon.

Many questions remain. Let’s answer them one by one.

  1. What am I going to write?
    I’ve not placed restrictions on what I will write about, so the posts can be on anything. But, knowing myself, I can make some safe predictions on the topics: programming, poems, short stories, opinions, and meta-content.
  2. Where will these be posted?
    Starting out, they will be posted on my Github Page, but over time, I will be diverging to other micro-blogging platforms.
  3. What is the schedule of posting?
    Starting out, the posts will happen on Friday 5 pm IST - on or before the specified time.
  4. Any other rules for writing?
    Well, I will try to make the article interesting to read through, but since I am just starting out, I hope I’m given time to improve my craft. I will get better over time.